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Study ability


Study ability is a student’s ability to work. Good study ability supports the progress and well-being in studies. Study ability is built through various factors. As a student, you have an important role in supporting your study ability, but the responsibility for how students manage during their studies also lies with the higher education institution and student healthcare. It is good to recognize which factors have an impact on your study ability and what supports your study ability during your studies. 

Get the basics of everyday life in order

The basics of everyday life, which include sufficient sleep, varied and regular meals, and exercise, support one’s ability to cope with studies. These may seem obvious, but that is precisely why it is important to be reminded of them. When you maintain a regular daily routine and rhythm, it also helps with the progress of your studies. 

Personal resources

Our own resources have a great impact on our ability to study, as resources help us cope with everyday life. It is quite common to come across periods during studies when more resources are needed. Stress strikes, perhaps causing anxiety if the thought of not being able to handle this workload is pounding in our heads. 

Students are in very different life situations. For someone, balancing studying, work, and family life may seem like an impossible equation. Someone struggles with loneliness. Challenges in physical or mental health can also weaken our ability to study. 

The experience that our own resources are sufficient also propels studying forward and helps overcome challenging situations. Therefore, it is important to consider where to find strength when it feels like endurance is being tested.  

What or who helps? Remember that in demanding situations, you do not have to be alone. If resources are being tested, support for coping and maintaining our own resources is available. 

Study skills

Studying at a university requires various study skills. These can include planning and scheduling studies, as well as study techniques. Communication skills are also important. If study skills are inadequate, it can affect academic success, completion of studies, and ultimately, the ability to study. It is possible to develop study skills throughout the course of studies. 

Do you recognize what study skills you already possess and what skills you could still develop? 

Teaching and counselling

When you get enough guidance and high-quality teaching during your studies, it has a positive effect on both the learning results and the ability to study. So feel free to ask for help whenever you need it. The university has guidance staff that can help you in any problematic situations.

Student support services in Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Study guidance in University of Lapland

Study environment

The study environment is diverse . You may study in face-to-face classes on campus, remotely through virtual teaching, or a combination of both. The study environment significantly affects the development of study skills. When the study environment is in good condition, it has a positive impact on study abilities. Studying remotely from home may be a new experience and require adjustment. In remote learning, shaping a functional study environment is largely in one’s own hands. This can also be an opportunity to create a personalized and supportive environment that suits oneself best. 

The study environment is also social, meaning it is built through interaction with others. The study environment should be safe, equal, and inclusive for everyone, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Each member of the higher education institution can contribute to its development.