Individual study arrangements

The background for individual arrangements in studies are individual and different needs, such as physical or mental illness, disability, performance anxiety, neuropsychiatric challenges, learning difficulties, challenges in life management, different crisis situations, etc.

It is important to remember that the student is the best expert on their own situation, and sometimes it is good to have a joint discussion with the student regarding supportive arrangements for learning. However, in guidance and teaching, there are many things that can be taken into consideration to support diverse learning and promote accessible studying for everyone. If necessary, accessibility can also be promoted through individual arrangements in studying.

Individual arrangements for studies at Lapland University of Applied Sciences

At Lapland University of Applied Sciences, it is possible to apply for individual arrangements to support studying. Individual arrangements can be granted for the entire duration of studies or as long as needed. They take into account the student’s needs as well as their study and life situation. The student can discuss the need for individual arrangements with a study counsellor, or an accessibility contact person. It is important to consider the student’s experiences and any expert opinions in the arrangements.

The application is approved by the the expertise group manager. Individual arrangements can be related to, for example, teaching and guidance situations, arrangements in the learning environment, or examination situations.  Granted arrangements should be taken into account in teaching.

More information and the form for individual study arrangements:  Accesibility at Lapland University of Applied Sciences  

Individual arrangements for studies at the University of Lapland

Individual arrangements for studies ensure equal opportunities for everyone to study. A student can discuss the need for individual arrangements with the head of the study affairs or university’s social worker. The decision on individual arrangements for studies is made by the head of the study affairs responsible for the arrangements.

In addition to the actual arrangement decision, the student is given an Accessibility Pass, which specifies the arrangements the student is entitled to, but does not mention any information regarding their health.

Individual arrangements for studies are aimed to be taken into account throughout the entire studies as much as possible. Examples of individual arrangements for studies can include extra time for exams or a quiet exam room, the use of a computer, and consideration of mobility impairments.

More information and the instructions for applying for individual arrangements for studies:  Accessible study space at the University of Lapland.