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Here you can find information, support tools, and various exercises to support and maintain your study ability and well-being,

Life skills by Nyyti ry

Learn life skills website provides you with information, tips and tools which can help you enhance your own wellbeing.  

Learn life skills -website

Take a break!

Taking regular breaks from work helps in studying in many ways. With breaks, your ability to concentrate improves and you can cope better with the study day. When you plan and stick to your daily breaks, you’ll learn time management and exercise your stress tolerance.

Take a break from your studies with the Pomodoro technique! The optimal working time for concentration is 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break. After four work sessions, a longer break is taken, for example 30 minutes. Try Pomodoro at LUC Well-being Services’ Study Retreat under guidance or try it by yourself in Pomofocus.

Quick tips:

  • Take microbreaks! Rotate your shoulders a few times or otherwise correct your posture.
  • Get up to drink a glass of water.
  • Look away from your computer screen, look out the window, and look as far away as possible. This will also give your eyes rest during the day.

In addition, you can try, for example, these short break exercises while working: 

Mental well-being

It is important to take care of mental well-being even when it feels like “everything is okay”.

Here you will find information, tips, and exercises to support your mental well-being.

MIELI Mental Health Finland – Mental health organisation 

The Finnish Central Association for Mental Health


Relaxing and meditation

Take your relaxation tips here! Feel free to try different exercises to find the most suitable ones for you. Once you have done the exercises under supervision, you will also be able to do them independently after a while. For example, try these: 

Five-minute Yoga/Meditation

Five Minute Mindfulness Meditation

Slow Looking Meditations with the National Gallery