Mental health and learning 

When the mind is healthy, it is a resource that helps to enjoy life, establish and maintain social relationships, and work with everyday life and studies. However, the mind can be put to the test by a variety of factors. Difficulties encountered in studying and everyday study life can also affect mood. According to the 2016 health survey of higher education students conducted by the FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service), more than one fifth of students felt that their mood, planning for the future, and their own strengths and abilities were negative.

Mental health and studies 

In mental health problems, the challenges of studying are often related to memory, concentration and attention, as well as perceiving the big picture. Factors related to coping, self-confidence and motivation, as well as various physical symptoms, can also pose challenges to studying. In different life situations and changes in coping, it is worth considering different ways of implementing studies. When planning your studies, it is good to remember to have an even load and sufficient recovery. It is a good idea to ask for help with questions related to the planning and fluency of studies and support for resources.