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Cognitive ergonomics

Cognitive ergonomics refers to considering factors that affect our information processing capacity – that is, the functioning of our brains (such as concentration and memory) – in our work. In other words, we strive to build our work habits and environment in a way that reduces excessive and unnecessary strain on our brains.

Our brains can be strained by things such as:
– a constant feeling of being rushed
– frequent interruptions during work
– various distractions
– an excessive amount of information overload.

For example, challenges with concentration, difficulties with memory, and fatigue are symptoms of excessive strain on the brain. Possible sleep problems and inability to relax can also indicate a state of strain. By paying attention to cognitive ergonomics, we can influence our well-being in studying.

The image below contains tips that can help promote the development of cognitive ergonomics in your study routine. These tips also support improving concentration. You can access the information by clicking on the icons in the image.